Ken Korkow

Corporal, USMC

I’ve been awarded a Navy Cross, a Purple Heart and had a day named after me as my home state’s highest decorated veteran.

But I also have constant physical and emotional pain and a medical discharge from the Marine Corps for Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress and various battle wounds.

Although I was very involved in my church growing up, I immediately gave it all up when a friend was killed in combat. It hurt so much that I vowed I wouldn’t have any friends or feelings.

Several weeks after this, some of the men who reported to me were killed. I went from being cold to being cruel toward the world.

Ken Korkow Accent
I was angry with God (if he even existed at all) and determined to make my own rules. The intense rage and tenacity inside of me fueled my financial and social success.

But there was no peace.

On my road to healing, I’ve discovered that God does not waste pain. If we allow him to, he will use it to shape us into the best version of ourselves.

That’s what happened to the warriors featured in this book. As you read their stories, you’ll find that there is no amount of pain that Jesus cannot overcome. After all, he is the greatest warrior who ever lived.

Read the pages of this book and you will encounter the story of Jesus and his followers. Discover why he came, what he’s up to now, and what he has planned for you and the rest of the world.

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